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StratStep International

We focus on making you or your company more profitable, we cut through red tape, expedite business transactions, maximise cash flow and protect your business.


StratStep International Limited (SIL) is an offshore division of the StratStep Group globally known for being a leader in Aviation and Technology, focussing on protecting and managing our clients' businesses and assets with confidentiality and discretion.

We focus on how to make you or your company more profitable by cutting through the red tape, expediting business transactions, maximising cash flow and protecting your business. Our associated Offshore banking capabilities underpin our mission of client privacy and exceptional customer service.


Confidentiality and discretion are synonymous with StratStep International. Our clients demand a level of privacy, or even secrecy, with their assets and business interests.

We understand that when dealing with assets like private aircraft, superyachts, luxury cars and other high-value assets, you must have someone you can trust and build a long-term relationship with.


We are that reliable business partner with extensive industry-specific expertise you can trust

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why us?


The StratStep Group prospectus outlines our expertise in aviation and technology. In particular, we have a well-earned global reputation of securing the best deals for our clients when it comes to buying, selling or leasing all types of aircraft.

From business aviation jets, helicopters, and cargo planes, all the way up to commercial aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, we're on your side and will make deals happen where others can’t.

This complex business requires specialist expertise that SIL can offer around the world in all markets.



Although most StratStep Group companies are based in the UK, Europe and the US, SIL was purposefully set up as an Offshore company with offshore banking to help our VVIP client base who prefer not to get caught up in normal bureaucracy, delays and red tape associated with doing business in those countries.

Our VVIP clients, high net-worth individuals and growing companies demand flexibility, agility and confidentiality that we can offer through SIL.

Our team of experts are customer-centric and focused on providing world-class services to meet and exceed your expectations.

aircraft buying, selling and leasng
vvip high net-worth
Private Aircraft


As part of StratStep Aviation, we specialise in individual and group luxury and business charter.  Our VVIP service is consistent with everything that we do at SIL and we take the headache away when it comes to chartering aircraft for any of your needs.

Smaller aircraft, business jets and helicopters make up just part of our fleet with knowledgeable, experienced agents ready to help you 24/7 and with only a moment’s notice.  We can put together a flight plan with the right aircraft anywhere in the world with a paramount focus on safety and reliability.


Global Special Air Watch (G-SAW) is part of the SIL group of StratStep companies and works in partnership with Over-Watch Group.

Due to the nature of this type of work we can offer an unparalleled level of confidentiality.

From Africa to the Middle East and globally SIL has been asked to provide a range of sensitive and confidential services to the Security sector. This includes our Special Courier Service (SCS) ensuring high-value items have the right protection and privacy needed to be securely transported around the world.

aircraft charter
defence, security and military
A Yacht at Sea


Be it an aeroplane, helicopter, superyacht or luxury car it is imperative that where you source that asset from, how it is purchased and ultimately how it's managed is the key to ensuring your investment is exactly what you want while being well protected.

We don’t like to brag (well maybe a little bit) but our VVIP client base is very discerning and particular on how they like us to support their requests which is why we have the reputation of being the best at what we do.

StratStep International has become one of the most trusted names in buying, transporting and managing Luxury Assets through our expansive network of experts who understand the importance of earning your trust.


If your business is involved with any type of new technology, we can help through the Technology Division of SIL.

From the latest in AR/VR, aerospace, space and UAV/Drones to name a few, SIL can help deliver your Technology product or service on time, on budget and with an unparalleled level of quality and confidentiality.

Managing Technology IP along with your R&D is always challenging and sensitive in nature; trust SIL with your project work or come to us for advice and solution-based concepts.

luxury assets
technology development
Satellite Dish


If you have an AOC or ATO and need some support across sales/marketing, operational management or regulatory compliance then SIL is ready to find solutions for your team.

SIL aviation consultants have decades of experience as pilots, flight instructors, engineers, compliance specialists and business experts who have helped start-ups through mature airlines grow their businesses around the world.

Our consulting division allows us an internal global network to put the right people, with the right expertise, to ensure SIL can solve any problems by offering bespoke solutions to increase revenue and profitability.

One of our own award-winning companies that is known for its success in global marketing is Colossal Motion. From website design, SEO, social media programs and everything in between, CM supports SIL clients when they want to expand their brand and have a higher ROI than most marketing companies can offer.

aviation consulting
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